Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hot Fishing Today

In the previous post I said that a big opportunity to catch December carp was coming here in RI.  Well, it got here today.  After three frustrating days of getting blanked at various spots, I hit it big today as I landed 5 decent size carp from 10-15 lbs. in a place I hadn't fished in a long time. Today's fish were a combination of commons and mirrors.  Of course, the key to my success was the warm weather of the last few days and more importantly the fact that the temperature only dropped to 50 degrees last night.  That spurt of warm weather got the carp in high gear and feeding on this December day.  They were active as each fish went on a screaming run on the take, grabbing my sweet corn offering as if it were the only meal they've seen in weeks.  They were also good fighters, ripping out drag as if these fish were being caught on a warm May day. So,  this roller coaster weather  is supposed to be cold tomorrow which will certainly cool off the fishing, but after that it looks like another window of opportunity will occur early next week as we are heading for temperatures in the 50's once again. If you want to catch carp in the winter, jump on those windows of opportunity when the weather warms. It really worked for me today!

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