Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Still Biting

Yes, I am still catching! I got out this afternoon in this 50 degree weather for a couple of hours and landed 4 carp.  They were three mirrors and one common.  I've said many times that the winter weather greatly affects carp fishing.  A warm-up comes along and they hit; a downturn in temperature follows and they develop lockjaw.  Just a week ago skim ice was forming on many of the ponds around the northern part of the state.  That shut down the carp fishing for several days.  However, in the last few days we have seen a rise in temperature with some rainy weather and warm nights above freezing.  That has lit up the carp fishing once again.
In addition to the weather, you need to find the places where the carp 'bunch up" in the wintertime.  That takes a great deal of time, effort and blanking to find those places.  I will tell you that those productive winter spots are easier to find in small bodies of water.  Once found, sweet corn is the ticket as far as bait.  Chum a bit and put a couple of kernels on the hair rig and you are ready for winter action.

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