Thursday, July 30, 2015

Changing Course

Yesterday's action with smaller fish was very good.  Here's
a good looking mirror that fell for hair rigged maize
fished ahead of a method ball.
I've had a bad three days of carp fishing.  In that short period I landed only one fish. There's a number of factors related to the heat that I believe have greatly slowed the fishing in the places where I've been trying.  I was hitting my spots known for large fish and getting nothing. Large carp, in particular, seem to go into a funk in this summer heat.  Smaller carp seem to be more active.  So, yesterday I completely switched gears and headed to some of my smaller spots that have more fish but smaller fish.  That did the trick.
I fished yesterday evening with my friend and fellow RI CAGer Nick.  We fished this quiet little spot using maize on the hair rig.  We landed a total of 6 carp in two hours.  We also had a few more half runs and bangs on the rod tip (yes, could have been turtles).  While our largest fish was about 8 lbs., the action was very good considering what I had been doing.
So, my new approach is going after whatever is hitting, even if it mean targeting smaller fish.  I am guessing that until this weather breaks with some cold rain, the fishing for larger fish will remain slow.

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