Sunday, July 5, 2015

When Smaller is Better

I just finished one of the most successful Fourth of July weekends I have ever fished.  This is a tough time to get out.  There is lots of boat traffic, kayaks and canoes all over and fireworks going off. It greatly affects the carp fishing as the fish sense something is wrong and go into hiding.
So, the challenge for me was to find an off the beaten path spot away from a lot of disruptions.  I found just the spot and hung out there for four evenings without seeing another person or water craft. I didn't catch many big fish but I did find a lot of them.  I wasn't necessarily looking for big fish.  Most of my big fish spots were loaded with people so that was out.  So, I was happy to get a lot of action with carp in the 3-7 lb. range.  No monsters, but these were good fighters, and I used my light outfits to fish for them. Landed over 30 of them (combination of mirrors and commons) in the last four days using corn and artificials on the hair rig.
It was a very successful holiday weekend of fishing.

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