Sunday, July 19, 2015

In a Slowing Summer Pattern

This good looking mirror in the net in the water was landed
two nights ago at dark.  Key on fishing the right times.
The hot weather is here, and with it has come a slowing summer pattern of fishing.  Two weeks ago I was averaging eight or nine fish an outing (remember "100 Carp in Twelve Days" post).  Well, I am now catching 1-3 fish an outing and even blanking on some outings.  In addition, the fish are smaller with the majority going under 10 lbs.
So, this happens in summer.  With the warming water and water levels dropping, the carp get into a funk and are not feeding as heavily as in cooler water. In addition, the pests like turtles and horned pout are numerous.  For instance, in the last two weeks I have landed 11 snapping turtles and 2 sun turtles.  Awful!
But, realize there are still some fish to be had if you follow these few tips:
*Try fishing in the cooler times....morning, evening, and at night along with rainy days.
* If there are lots of pests around, try getting rid of the method ball.  Turtles make a B-line right for that ball.
* Use harder baits like maize, chick peas, boiles and tiger nuts. Avoid sweet corn.
*Continue to use artificials.
*Prebait if you can, though it will also bring turtles around.
*Get into moving water.  Fish in the rivers are much more active in the heat than fish in ponds.
* Try heading north.  Some of our guys have been doing real well in the Merrimack River, a hot spot in summer weather due to its cooler water.

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