Sunday, May 22, 2016

Competing in the CAG Big 4 Tournament

This 24 lber. is part of my 4 fish total which currently stands
at 103 lbs.
It's that time of year when the Carp Angler's Group (CAG) runs its Big 4 national tournament.  This is one of the group's signature tournaments, and they offer over $800 in prizes.
For a month and a half (till June 15) top carp anglers from all over the country go out and try to land 4 big fish.  The weight of those four fish becomes your point total. There are prizes for the top ten weight totals. There are also prizes for the biggest mirror overall and the biggest common.
In the past, some of the winners have put up phenomenal numbers, sometimes reaching over 150 lbs. for their four fish. Remember, there are competitors from all over the country and places like the St. Lawrence River and some of the rivers around the Great Lakes can really produce some monster fish. But, we also have some quality waters here in New England, and New Englanders have fared very well in past Big 4 Tournaments.
My goal has always been two fold in this tournament.  I want to try to get to 100 lbs. (average of 25 lbs. a fish), and try to get a top ten finish. I've been able to achieve that in every year I have entered. Currently, I am at 103 lbs. and I also have the biggest mirror at 32 lbs.  But, I also know there is a good amount of time left to this event and many of the heavy hitters have not posted any fish yet. I am hoping to add to my total in the coming weeks.

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