Friday, May 13, 2016

Numbers Down, but Big Fish Around; 32 lb. Beast Landed

Today's beast weighed in at 32 lbs., 4 oz. It is my biggest
of the year so far.
I landed today what could be the fish of the year for me.  It was a 32 lb., 4 oz. beast of a mirror carp. The fish was short with a huge gut.  It was my only hit and my only fish on the day.  That seems to be a developing pattern for me since May first.  Besides this beast,  I have landed several twenties up to 25 lbs. in May along with some teen fish.  The numbers are not there, but the sizes are big so no complaints from me.
Today's monster hit a combination of a couple of kernels of maize along with a pink, artificial pop-up corn.  This was fished on the hair rig ahead of a method ball. Most of my big fish of May have been taken on a combination of maize and artificial corn.  I have varied the color of the pop-up corn.  It seems like some days white is working, some days pink and on other days, orange.
Today's thirty pound fish is my 17th carp over 30 lbs. Of those, 15 were in the 30's and 2 were in the 40's.  Yes, we have some mighty big fish here in southern New England!

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