Saturday, May 28, 2016

Weekend Outlook....Fair Fishing, Playing the Spawn and Pests on the Increase

Caught this hefty, big gut mirror
yesterday in the heat.
It's Memorial Day weekend and I assume a lot of guys will get out carp fishing. The outlook is not great due to a number of factors. The carp are spawning in a number of places due to the sudden heat. Usually when they are spawning, they are not hitting. The tricky thing about the spawn is that they are not doing it in all places at the same time.  I noticed that yesterday I found lots of fish spawning in a shallow water spot.  This place warms up very fast due to the shallow water. They were not hitting in this spot. However, when I tried another deeper and more shaded venue, I found they were not spawning and actually hitting.  There, I landed 3 mirrors in a short period of time.
Another irritating thing going on right now is that the pests are super active.  The turtles are onto a bait almost as soon as it hits the water.  These include snapping turtles and sun turtles.  Right before dark, the horned pout are super active in this heat.  And, suckers are on the feed, especially in the Blackstone River.  It all takes it toll on carp numbers.
However, I say get out and fish if that's what you want to do. From the reports I am getting, our guys in the RI CAG continue to catch fish in this heat so they are hitting.  Good luck if you try.

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