Saturday, July 23, 2016

Beating the Heat

Man, it has been hot, and I am not talking about the fishing. With temperatures soaring into the 90's in the last couple of days and no relief in sight, I'm sure many of you are wondering if you can still catch carp in this weather. The answer is yes.  You see, carp are very resilient and adaptable fish.  They will feed in water that is in the 80's as well as water that is in the 30's.
This good size mirror was one of
21 carp landed in the last three
mornings.  Yes, they will hit in this
heat but you might have to adjust
your tactics.
I have been out fishing the last three mornings and have gotten decent numbers of fish (21 in all). I have made some changes to my fishing in this hot weather and that has resulted in the good numbers.
Here are a few suggestions to beat the summer heat and improve your summer carp fishing:
1. Settle for any size fish. While I live for chasing the big ones, I know this is a poor time to catch a big fish. So, rather than catch nothing I will take what I can get.  Of those 21 fish in the last three days, none were over 10 lbs.
2. Go smaller. Since I am targeting smaller fish I need to go smaller.  I like a #8 hook at this time of year.  I also like to shorten up the hair to fit just two kernels of corn. My hooklink is also short.
3. Go with a mix of sweet corn and maize. My bait on the hair has been one kernel of sweet corn and one kernel of small maize (nearest the hair stop).  The sun turtles will key on the sweet corn but generally (not always, though) will leave the maize alone. Even if they take off the sweet corn I still have a kernel of maize to lure a carp. I still use a small method ball.
4.  Check the  bait often. Turtles are merciless in this weather and will constantly harass you.  I will check my bait just about ever 15 or 20 minutes.
5.  Fish the mornings.  The fish will be most active at the coolest part of the day and that is the morning. I usually fish until about noontime on a hot day.
6. Some places are better than others.  From experience I know the best summer spots.  They are usually moving water locations and small ponds. I know a bunch of good summer spots that I keep a secret.
7.  Finally, get out and fish. Can't catch 'em if you don't have a line in the water!

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