Wednesday, July 13, 2016

PB Products

A good number of carp like this
common have been caught on
PB hooks and hooklink this week.
I'll bet most of you have never heard of PB Products.  I know I didn't know anything about them until I won second place in the recent CAG Spring Big 4 contest.  For my winning, I received a generous gift certificate to purchase these products.
PB Products are well known and well repected in Europe.  They are basically terminal tackle and more.  They sell a range of these products which include hooks, swivels, sinkers, hooklink, leader material, line, tools and other supplies.  Saxon Tackle is the distributor of these products in the US.  Big Carp Tackle also has an assortment of these products.
I can tell you I have already used some of their products with good success.  In the last week I have caught a lot of carp with their anti eject hooks. I have been using a #8 and #6.   I have also been using their braided hook link called Chameleon.  It is a camouflaged soft braid and comes in 25 lb. test. It has been outfishing my Power Pro.  I have also been using their braid cutter to tie my hair rigs.  I have a lot of other stuff I will be trying as the year goes on (check out some of the stuff in bottom photo).
Check out the links above if you want more info on PB Products.  A lot of the big names in Europe use PB Products with amazing success.

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  1. I use their long shank hooks quite a bit. Love em!