Friday, July 15, 2016

From a Slump to a Hot Streak

I'm on a hot streak right now. I've landed some good
numbers as well as some quality fish like this mirror.
Back in the beginning of the month of July I was in a summer slump.  When that happens I usually make some big changes to my fishing.  I will try other spots, search for new locations, change baits, etc.
It usually takes a while for me to break out of the doldrums and find greener pastures elsewhere, but this time it was fast and consistent. In the last week, I have landed over 50 carp, fantastic numbers for the pits of July. I found a productive location that is off the beaten path, and it has really been producing for me. In the last week, my best day was 11 carp while my worst day was 3 fish.  Note that I am fishing short sessions, usually 2-3 hours an outing in the morning, which is the most productive time in the summer. I am catching all these fish on a combination bait of maize and sweet corn fished ahead of a small method ball.
This morning was a hot one weather-wise.  I was debating not going, but figured I would hit my spot for a short period of time.  I'm glad I did because in two hours I landed 7 carp up to fifteen pounds.  In addition, I also landed a large snapping turtle and a big sun turtle.  Yes, the turtles continue to be a summertime nuisance.
I always remind myself of something Kevin Wasliewski repeats several times on his blog, Dark Carping.  He frequently describes the carp year as a marathon rather than a sprint.  It is very true in my own fishing.  I will go through peaks and valleys, yet in the end, the numbers are usually there. A successful year for me is 500 to 700 carp.  I'm on pace to hit that, maybe more.

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