Thursday, October 13, 2016

RI CAGers Competing in Fall Big 4

Here is one of my entries, a hefty 19 lb. common.
One of the signature tournaments that the Carp Anglers Group (CAG) runs every year is the Fall Big 4.  This event runs from Oct. 1 to Nov. 15.  Anglers who compete enter their 4 biggest carp for that period, and that becomes their total points. Anglers weigh their own fish and take a photo that shows the logo and the scale used (see photo at right).  Prizes are awarded to the top ten finishers. The tournament draws CAG members from all over the US and Canada.
Last year the RI CAG had three members compete.  They were Tom Perron, Todd Richer and myself. All three of us ended up finishing in the top 10, a phenomenal feat.  This year these same three guys are entered along with RI CAG members Jake Ayotte, Keri Doire and Mike Stevenin.  Yup, we have 6 RI carpers entered in this event, and that is the most of any state!
Currently, the RI crew is off to a great start.  Jake has the biggest carp so far, a 28 lb. beast.  Tom has the biggest mirror, a good looking 15 lber. and I am the current overall leader at 81 lbs. While it is still very early in the tournament, the RI guys are flexing their muscles! Hopefully, all six members will end up in the top ten.  Now, that would be a feat!

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