Thursday, December 1, 2016

RI CAG Fall Combo Tournament Results

Fish were entered by
Our RI CAG Fall Combo Tournament which has been running for three months is over.  The guys and gals went out and tried to catch a common, a mirror and a koi.  The biggest ones by length (inches) were entered.  We added up the lengths of those biggest ones and that was the point total.  The first three places were awarded medals that were purchased by the national CAG organization.
Our members scored some very impressive fish overall. Jake Ayotte, who seems to be winning everything these days, came in first place with 94 1/2 points.  He caught the only koi so that gave him an additional 24 points (length of koi).  Tom Perron and Brandon Dee ended in a tie with 64 1/2 points but Tom won the tie breaker with a larger third fish.
Here is the final tally with the angler and points awarded. Note the first number is the length of the common, the second is the length of the mirror and the third is the length of the koi.  Every fish landed was released in good shape.

Jake Ayotte won first place with 94 1/2 points.  He was the only one who entered a koi.

1.      Jake Ayotte- gold medal- 37+33 ½+24= 94 ½
2.      Tom Perron-silver medal- 32 ½+32= 64 ½ (decided by tie breaker)
3.      Brandon Dee- bronze medal- 32 ½ +32= 64 ½
4.      Sean Reed- 30 +33 1/2= 63 ½
5.      Brian Savage- 27 ½+36= 63 1/2
6.      Todd Richer- 31+31= 62
7.      Mike Stevenin- 32+30= 62
8.      Manny Dias- 34 1/2

9.      Tony Carvalho- 30
Winners (left to right): Brandon Dee, Tom Perron and Jake Ayotte

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