Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Rain/Warm Weather Charge Up Fishing

This is one of 20 carp landed in
the last few days.  Fishing has really
perked up in this warm and rainy
Carp fishing took a noticeable turn for the better in the last few days with this shot of warm weather and rain.  I did three short sessions in the last few days and put 20 carp on the bank.  Most of these fish were in the 5-10 lb. range. This recent "perk up" is a characteristic of early winter fishing.  In those periods of warm weather in which the water temperatures rise, the level of activity also rises and the fish go on the feed.
I have been using winter tactics as described in my previous posts to catch these fish in multiple venues.  The bait of choice has been sweet corn on the hair.  Two kernels on a short hair seems to do the trick.  Sometimes I am using a small method ball, sometimes I'm not.  I will put the ball on one sinker, leave it off the other outfit and see what happens.
Many newbies ask when this will end.  Fishing should continue to be worthwhile, sometimes very good, until the ice arrives.  I have no timetable for ending. If this is an ice free winter, I will fish for them all winter.  Realize that the cold months can be very productive. Last year, for instance, I landed a whopping 292 carp in just the month of December.  That is what warm weather can produce.

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