Saturday, November 26, 2016

Onto a Winter Approach; 900th Carp of the Year Landed

Today I landed my 900th carp of the year using what I call a winter fishing approach. Here is generally the way I target carp in the wintertime:
Venue- Your best ponds will be small, shallow ponds.  Those places heat up fast on a sunny day and that often gets the carp feeding.  In bigger and deeper ponds and rivers I try to find those places where the carp will bunch up for winter.  Those are often deep spots that are found by trial and error and lots of trying.
Rigs- Go small.  Small hooks, small hook links, small hairs, small method ball and the smallest sinker that will get the job done.  I only use a #8 or #10 hook in winter fishing. Sometimes I will put sweet corn directly on a #10 hook and not even use a hair rig.
Bait- Sweet corn that is bought in a supermarket is your best bet.  I have also done well with small doughballs. On my small hairs I will generally use only 2 kernels of sweet corn.
Time of Day to Fish-  Best time is the warmest part of the day.  That is mid to late afternoon.  The exception here is a real warm day. Sunny days generally fish better than cold, cloudy days. Warm, rainy days can also be good.
When to Quit- When the ice arrives.  Up until then, carp can be caught!
This good looking fully scaled mirror that was caught today is my 900th carp for 2016.
It was caught using a winter approach described above.

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