Saturday, November 19, 2016

Ocean State Tackle Loaded with Carp Gear

Baitrunner reels, bite alarms and
Ocean State Tackle, 430 Branch Ave., Providence, RI is the latest tackle shop in RI to stock carp gear.  I stopped at the store today and spoke with Dave Henault, owner of the shop.  He told me he wanted to be the biggest dealer of carp gear in RI and MA, and after seeing what I saw today I would say he is there.
Nets, carryalls, mats and scale
If you are looking for general and specialized carp fishing gear, take a look at this store. He showed me loads of prepared baits as well as artificials baits.  He has lots of artificial pop up corn in all colors, something a lot of guys have been looking for.  I saw a big assortment of baitrunner reels from Okuma, Shimano and Tica. He has a big assortment of rods that will go with these reels.  Soon, he will have some of the Daiwa Euro reels.  He has a display of terminal tackle which include PB carp hooks, pretied hair rigs, and sinkers.  He has a big supply of bite alarms as well as various sized banksticks.  And, I saw some hard to get items (that are in demand) which include Euro carp nets, padded mats and even a Korda Rueben Heaton scale, a real tough to get item.
Loaded with bait- boilies as well
as artificials
This is just the beginning.  Dave has plans to bring in carp rods, more reels and  more baits in the future.
Already, Ocean State is reporting brisk business in carp gear sales, and this is November.  My guess is that he won't be able to keep this stuff on the shelves come March.
The website is Ocean State Tackle. Check it out or stop by the store.  You'll be impressed!
Check it out!

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