Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Big Changes=Big Day

Sweet corn on the hair was the bait
of choice today.
I had one of the very best fall days of carp fishing numbers-wise that I have ever experienced in November.  Fishing a few different spots, I landed a whopping 28 carp on the day.
Before I headed out, I just knew it would be good.  The weather set up was ideal.  We had a cold couple of days and suddenly it is a very warm day, something that turns the carp onto feeding at this time.
This common was one of 28 carp
landed today in one of the best
November days I have ever
experienced. The warm weather
was a factor.
In addition, I made a number of changes to my own fishing which is constantly evolving and changing throughout the year.  First off, I changed venues.  For the last month I had been concentrating on several spots which had been producing some large fish for me.  However, the last couple of outings have not been good. It only takes a blanking or two, and I am ready to make a move.  Secondly, I changed baits.  For the last month I had been using maize and artificials.  Today, I went with sweet corn on the hair rig.  Carp in cold water prefer the soft and sweet taste of sweet corn over maize, and it worked like a charm today.  With many of the pests dormant now (although I did catch two horned pout today), sweet corn is a more effective choice in the cold weather months.
From now until the ice arrives, look for these warm days and warm spells to really perk up the fishing. It did today, and I suspect we'll see more of these super good days from now till late December.

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