Monday, November 21, 2016

RI CAGers Score BIG in Big 4 Tournament

Tom Perron, 4th place
Dave Pickering, 3rd place
Our RI CAG members scored big this year in the Carp Anglers Group Fall Big 4 Tournament.  Our guys and gals placed in 5 or the 10 main prize categories, a very impressive showing.
The CAG national Big 4 Tournament ran from Oct. 1 to Nov. 15.  In that six week period, CAG members from all over the US who signed up for the event went out and fished.  They entered their four biggest fish by weight.  The combined weight total was your total number of points.  Those who finished in the top ten were awarded gift certificates.

Here is a summary of where our members placed:
1st- Jake Ayotte- 134 lbs., 14 oz.- $150 gift voucher
3rd- Dave Pickering- 91 lbs., 10 oz.- $75 gift voucher
4th- Tom Perron- 84 lbs., 3 oz.- $50 gift voucher
8th- Keri Doire- 70 lbs., 6 oz- $20 gift voucher
9th- Todd Richer- 60 lbs., 10 oz.- $15 gift voucher
Jake Ayotte, 1st place along with biggest mirror, biggest common and biggest combined!

In addition, Jake Ayotte won another $150 in gift vouchers for the biggest common, biggest mirror and the biggest combined mirror/common. Quite an achievement for Jake.
This tournament puts the whole US on notice that we have some of the very best carp fishermen in the country right here in RI.

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