Saturday, April 1, 2017

Extreme Weather Brings out Big Fish

First fish....18 lbs.
Second fish....20 lbs.
Yes, I did fish today.  My kind of weather! As many of you have read over the years, extreme and nasty weather really turn on the carp, especially the big ones. I've fished in hurricanes, tropical storms, northeasters and driving snowstorms, so today was just another day at the office.
When I got to my location, the water was very high, more like flooded.  Debris from the shoreline was floating all over the place.  And, it was really cold and snowing. But, I was ready for the extreme weather as I wore my 5mm neoprene waders made for icy waters along with many layers and a waterproof ski jacket.  I also wore ski gloves.
Today's nasty weather did not disappoint. The fish were active and on the prowl.  I landed three commons all on a combo bait of sweet corn and a white artificial corn fished on the hair rig.  I was also using a small method ball ahead of the bait. I had three runners and landed all of them.  The first was a hefty fish of 18 lbs.  The second was a 20 lber. that pulled the scale just past the 20 lb. mark. Finally, the third runner was a strong 15 lber. which seemed to put up the best fight of the day. These fish were all caught in a short 3 hour session.
So, the big fish spring fishing is in full swing even though it feels like the dead of winter. Fishing should continue to run hot in the coming weeks as April is one of the prime months for carp fishing here in RI.

Third fish....15 lbs. Note the combo bait in its lip. Sweet corn and a white artificial
corn fished on the hair rig has been the hot producer all week.

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