Saturday, April 15, 2017

RI CAG Big 3 Tournament Off and Running

Tom Perron has grabbed the early lead in our RI CAG Big 3
with this large common carp.  Tom was last year's winner
and one of the favorite's for this year's event.
Our annual RI CAG Big 3 Tournament is off and running. This popular event runs for the months of April, May and June.  Our members enter their biggest carp for each month, we add up those weights and the total poundage is their point total. The top three scorers are given engraved medals that are provided by the national Carp Anglers Group. All fish entered in the tournament must be caught in RI and released in good shape.  We also strictly adhere to all the RI fishing regulations.
We have just begun the tournament and already many good size carp up over 20 lbs. have been landed. Last year's winner and one of our most consistent big fish fishermen, Tom Perron, has grabbed the early lead with a big common in the 20's.
This should be a very competitive event since we have some of the best carp fishermen in the northeast right here in RI.
Anyone interested in joining our group here in RI must join the national Carp Anglers Group.  Info for joining is on their website at Membership includes state events, national events, full access to the Forum, a magazine, and a wonderful network of carp fishermen all over the US. Most of our carp fishermen learned how to catch carp through this club.

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  1. looking to join the cag group for over a year but the website won't allow it. says its not a working website anymore. please help me out. thanks dave!