Wednesday, April 5, 2017

On a Hot Streak; 200th Carp of the Year Landed!

This good size mirror is number 200 for the year. Fishing
has been hot in this cold and miserable weather.
It took me three months to get my first hundred carp for the year.  It's taken just 8 days to get the next hundred.  Man, I am on a real hot streak.  The weather has been lousy, but the fishing has been very good, even on those rainy, crappy days.
Right now, I feel like a baseball pitcher who is in a groove.  Every thing is going just right. I seem to be in the right spots at the right times and using the right baits. That's what happens in carp fishing when you get on a roll.  Oh, it will all unravel eventually, but right now, everything is right.  In the last two days, for instance, I have landed a whopping 34 carp that ranged from small ones all the way up to fish in the teens. I have been concentrating on shallow ponds and lakes since the rivers are unfishable due to high water.
All of my fish have been caught on sweet corn or a combo bait of sweet corn and artificial corn fished on the hair rig. I'm also using a method ball.  Another key to my success is that I have been prebaiting the locations I have been fishing, and that has made a major difference.  If I am fishing a place in the evening, I try to prebait in the morning or early afternoon.
So, fishing is as good as it gets right now.  I have seen very few fishermen venturing out in this cold and miserable weather, but it is working for me in a big way.

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