Friday, July 7, 2017

Carp Turn On in Today's Nasty Weather

This is one of 14 carp landed today as the fish
were super active in this rainy weather. A
variety of methods worked today.
It was my kind of weather today.  And, it was the carp's kind of weather too.  They just love these nasty rainy cool days after days of summer heat.  They were in high gear today.  I tried several spots in the rain today and found active fish everywhere I went.  I saw fish jumping, digging in the mud and moving in small groups in shallow areas. That activity translated into hitting.  I landed 14 carp today, a combination of mirrors and commons.  While I didn't get anything large, I did get a couple of low doubles.
To catch these fish I used a variety of methods.  In one spot where the fish were way out I was fishing hair rigged maize with a small method ball packed around the sinker.  In another spot where I could see a lot of fish moving around  in close, I freelined doughballs and maize after tossing in some freebies to lure the fish to my location.  In still another spot under a mulberry tree, I freelined mulberries.
All the methods were working today because the fish were super active in this bad weather. Over the years I have discovered that the nastier the conditions the better the carp fishing usually is. Of course, most fishermen will not go out in this weather as I never saw another fisherman today.  They don't know what they are missing.
It is now July 7 and I have landed a whopping 80 carp in this seven day period. At a time of year in which I am usually experiencing the summer doldrums of slow fishing, July has been red hot for me.

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