Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Hot July Fishing Follows Record June

Those who fish for carp know that this sport often delivers its highs and lows. Well, right now, as well as for the last month, I have been on a high as I am having one of the best starts to summer I have ever experienced.
This hefty mirror carp is one of 15 fish landed this morning
in three hours of fishing.  July fishing has been hot so far.
June was a month that delivered both numbers and sizes for me. That's a rare combination in carp fishing.  It also delivered some unusual variety.  As for numbers, I landed 151 carp in the month of June  (a record number for me), and that brought my total for the year to over 600 fish (the most I have ever caught at this point). Prior to this June I had never landed a thirty pounder in June.  This June I had three of them which weighed 30, 32 and 34 lbs.  In addition, I had loads of fish from the high teens to the high twenties. Included in the June haul were some rare species.  I landed my first sturgeon, my first fantail common and good numbers of channel catfish. I got all these fish fishing a tri-state area of CT, MA and RI.
July has just continued where June left off. I've already gotten over 30 carp in July up into the high teens, and it is only July 4. In my desire to get away from the holiday crowds and fish off the beaten path, I tried an unlikely spot yesterday and today for this time of year. And, I hit it big in this location.  In the last two days I landed 24 carp, real good numbers for July. I have been fishing just short sessions of 2-3 hours each day.  All the action has been on hair rigged maize.
The water has been higher than normal and cooler than normal this summer, and I am guessing that has kept the fish more active, although the high water has been difficult to deal with at times.
All in all, this is shaping up to be an epic year for me, maybe the best of all time.

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