Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Going Small for Fussy Fish

Just one kernel of corn
on the hair has been hot
for small, fussy fish.
This is one of ten small fiesty ones that I landed one morning
by going "small".
We are in a summer pattern.  The water warms, the fish get a big fussy and they become hard to catch.  You may recall that last year I did a post about how I was using just one kernel of maize to fish at this time of year and I was having a lot of success with it.  Well, I'm at it again trying to perfect this "small" technique.
I am still sticking with one kernel of maize on my hair rig.  The hair I tie is considerably smaller to accommodate that one kernel.  I am also using "small" hooklink.  I usually go with 50 lb. test Power Pro braid for my hooklinks but in this case I am going with 30 lb. test.  The hook is smaller too.  I am using a #10 Umpua Tiemco 2457 hook. Most of the time I am also fishing a small method ball that I pack around the sinker.  It is about the size of ping pong ball.
This set up has landed good numbers of carp for me in the last week.  Though they have generally been on the small side (less than 8 lbs.) they have been scrappy. At this time of year I am looking for anything that will hit and I am not necessarily fussy about the size.
If you are looking for something different to try and looking for some dead of summer success, try going small. It works!

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