Sunday, February 12, 2012

Air Temp.-25; Water Temp.-32; FISH STILL HITTING!

It was extreme weather for carp fishing the last two days.  I still fished and surprisingly, the carp were hitting quite well. I landed a total of 6 carp in two afternoons and they were all mirrors!  Today featured the most extreme weather.  It was only 25 degrees outside and the wind was blowing like a son of a gun.  Wind chills were down in the single numbers.  Ice covered most of the area I was fishing except for a bit of open water right in front of me.  Of course, that's where the carp were hanging out.  Using pineapple flavored Pescaviva flavored sweet corn I landed two nice mirrors and had several other hits.  Once close to shore I had to push my net through skim ice to land these fish. As many of you know, I am on a quest to catch carp in open water all winter long.  From the numbers of fish I have caught thus far, this has been my most successful winter of fishing ever and I still have a couple of weeks left to fish. 

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