Friday, February 24, 2012

Not the Best of Conditions BUT Fish Hitting

I got out carp fishing this afternoon with my friend Nick.  It was not the best of conditions compared to the beautiful weather of the last two days.  It had snowed last night, temperatures were in the thirties with drizzle and it was overcast.  In short, miserable!  However, the carp were in a cooperative mood. We landed a total of 7 carp with a mix of mirrors and commons. We were using sweet corn.  Nick was using unflavored sweet corn from the supermarket while I was using Pescaviva pineapple flavored sweet corn from Wacker Baits.  The corn was hair rigged. Both types of corn were working well as we had about 10 good hits in just a couple of hours.  In my previous post I said we were into a spring pattern of fishing.  Yes, the warm days are usually more productive, but they can still be caught on these crappy, lousy days as we proved today!

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  1. you can tell the guys at the show how great fishing was today. There never gonna believe it!!!