Friday, March 2, 2012

New License Needed BUT Not Available!

The freshwater fishing rules state that you need a new license on March 1 to fish non trout stocked waters.  But,  you can't purchase one.  That's right....the state doesn't have them.  I tried getting one online today.....the website wouldn't let it go through.  I tried Benny's and good.  They claim the state hasn't sent them out yet and they have tried getting them. 
Is anyone surprised? Maybe no one knows at the DEM even knows that you need a new license to fish non trout waters after March 1. So, I called DEM enforcement and asked them what I should do if I want  to fish this weekend.  At least they knew a new license was needed, but they acknowledged there was a new license problem.  They didn't know what else to tell me.  The DEM officer I spoke to finally suggested that if I was checked I should tell the DEM officer what is going on, show my old license and hope for the best. Huh?

Follow-up to Story:  After numerous attempts at the website with different credit cards, I finally got lucky and it went through.  Good luck if you's an adventure!  License website:

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