Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pop-ups From Plastic Worms!

I stumbled onto something very hot today.  I noticed a bunch of white plastic worms (intended for largemouths) in my basement.  I got the idea to cut some up into small pieces to use as pop-ups. I put them into a small container and added some pineapple flavor (from K-2 baits).  Yes, they do float.  I then tried them fishing and the results were terrific.  I used one of these small pop-ups with a kernel of sweet corn on the hair rig.  Rather than causing the bait to float, the piece of plastic seemed to add a neutral buoyancy to the offering, something that carp find very attractive in bait.  Using this set up I landed 4 good size carp today up to 21 lbs.  On my other outfit, I had just the usual 2 pieces of sweet corn.  That outfit yielded only 1 fish.  Many fishermen like to add these pop-ups to their bait.  Pop-ups usually come in the form of small boilies or plastic imitation corn.  Both are quite expensive.  The cut up worms are a far cheaper and equally effective way to go.

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