Wednesday, March 7, 2012

From Ice to Open Water to Hot Fishing

I went to one of my favorite early season spots this morning and was surprised to find the entire area covered in ice from last nights cold temperatures.  I broke some of it close to shore and it was about half an inch thick.  I left, went home and did a few errands and later went back in mid afternoon and found the ice completely gone so I started fishing.  I was soon joined by fellow RI CAGer Nick and we baited up with sweet corn and put out the lines and waited.  Nick got the first and I believe the second fish.  But, soon they moved into my spot and I started getting them.  And, the hits kept coming and coming as the fishing got hotter as the water warmed in the afternoon sun.  At the end of a afternoon, Nick and I landed a total of 10 carp, mostly mirrors.  Those are fantastic numbers for this time of year. It was a perfect example of how the fish tend to hit at the warmest part of the day in the early season.

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