Sunday, March 11, 2012

March: A Very Inconsistent Month

In all my years of carp fishing, I have never had a real good March.  Year after year, March has fished very inconsistently.  Good one day, lousy the next.  I was on a bit of a good run this week getting 2-4 fish an outing.  Then, I fished today, a beautiful day weather wise.  I tried spot after spot, and finally I got a 3 lb. common right before dark.  That was my only hit. Not good. This is the way it goes in March. Carp tend to be moody in March and their feeding is on and off.  I think the weather has a lot to do with all this since March's weather is also inconsistent.  Real warm one day, cold and snowing the next. Remember, too, the nights are still quite cold with most nights getting down to freezing, another factor that slows the carp's activity level. So, I don't hold out much hope that this March will fish any differently than all the rest.  Inconsistent is the word for March carp fishing here in RI.


  1. Very true dave. It goes to show that even the warmest of winters and springs can't take away from the fact that it's still only March

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  3. Dave. Please help. My brother just got back from Iraq. He lives in NY but is coming to visit me here in rhode island. He loves fishing and I have no knowlege. Can you please tell me what places to go either saltwater or fresh. He is bringing all his gear tomorrow and I want him to catch something besides a cold. Plus we have a lot to catch up on. Please email me or anyone else that reads this at