Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fish the Shallows

This is the first week since early winter that I have been able to catch a carp in a pond or lake here in RI.  Prior to this week, I have been catching in running rivers, streams and canals.  This past week I targeted a lot of my early spring spots in small ponds that have shallow water that heats up fast on a sunny day.  If you can find some structure in these places like fallen trees, brooks flowing in, sandbars and islands, even better.  The carp in these shallow ponds got active very fast with the warming temperatures which we had this past week.  With temperatures expected to be in the 60's most of next week, look for the pond fishing to really light up.
Best baits for early season action would be sweet corn and doughballs.  Use them directly on the hook or hair rigged.

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