Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Daiwa Euro Products Now in US

Daiwa is the biggest name in carp fishing over in Europe, but many of their products have never appeared in the US until recently. Now, online carp tackle shops like Wacker Baits and Big Carp Tackle are carrying some of carp fishing's top products made by Daiwa. Many of these products are also being sold online at Bass Pro Shops.  For instance, if you are looking for a low cost, quality rod, consider Daiwa's Mad Dragon Series (top).  These 12 foot rods sell for about 60 bucks and the tackle shops can't keep them on their shelves as fishermen race to buy them whenever these stores have them.  Many of Daiwa's high end rods are also being now sold in the US. Another hot item from Daiwa is their Windcast Z (left) reels.  These freespool reels (freespool crank on spool) are some of the most popular big pit reels in the world and are serious tools for big carp hunters and long cast fishermen.  For those on a budget, consider Daiwa's Regal Plus Bite 'n' Run reels (right) that retail for about $65.  Some of our RI CAG members have these and report very good luck with them. This is just a short list of Daiwa products available in the US.  For more products check out the online stores mentioned above.

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