Friday, March 23, 2012

Change in Tactics Leads to BIG Mirrors

About a week ago I switched tactics.  First off, I switched locations I was fishing, leaving some good size commons behind to go after some good size mirrors.  I found a new hotspot, a previous unknown venue which held some real good size fish.  Secondly, I changed bait, opting to just go with my plastic pop-ups with one kernel of Pescaviva (see post on making pop-ups from plastic worms).  And, finally I changed my method mix.  I am still going with the basic oatmeal, cornmeal and bread, but I am now going with several handfuls of sweet feed (sold in feed stores) in the mix.  This method smells so good I'm even tempted to eat a handful.
Whether it was one or two tactics from above that worked or whether it was a combination of everything, I had a past five days to remember, landing over 30 good size mirrors that ran up into the twenties.  For sure, the warm weather helped, but I like to think my approach had something to do with my success.

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