Saturday, February 18, 2012

You've Got to Find 'Em

This time of year is tough.  The carp are around, but unlike other times of the year when the fish are spread out, the fish at this time are bunched up in tight packs just sitting on the bottom and not expending much energy.  In order to consistently catch, you need to find the fish and the tight spots where they are bunched up.  I especially like to look in small, shallow ponds because there is less water to search.  Shallow waters with dark bottoms also heat up more quickly on sunny days.  That warming water will make carp more active and more likely to hit. Right now just about all of the waters in RI are ice free and there should be a dramatic uptick in carp fishing activity if our warming trend continues.  In other years, carp fishing has busted open in early March.  It should happen even earlier this year. It's that time to get out and start looking!

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