Friday, February 3, 2012

Found 'Em

From my last post, you can surmise that I have been looking at a lot of spots with little success.  Well, yesterday afternoon, the fishing lit up.  I fished a shallow area that warmed up quickly, a spot that I had success in the past at ice out. In other years this place produced well in March, but our weather this year in Feb. is very similar to March weather in the past. I landed a total of 7 fish in the last two afternoons, a mix of commons and mirrors (see photo).  All the fish were caught on pineapple flavored sweet corn fished without a method ball.  The fish were sluggish on the take and sluggish on the fight due to cold water.  There was actually ice in some shoreline spots close to shore and skim ice was floating here and there on the surface of the water, but the fish were still hitting.  At a time of year where even one fish is a bonus, I was thrilled to land 7 carp in the last two afternoons.

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