Tuesday, May 8, 2012

First FORTY!

Today I got the fish I have been chasing for a long time in my dreams. MY FIRST FORTY POUND CARP!  I have come close in the last three years, landing nine fish in the thirties so I knew this beast was just a matter of time with a little luck mixed in. I knew I had a forty as the fish came into sight close to the net after a tug of war battle in which the monster stayed right along the bottom the whole time.  Once on shore, the huge mirror pulled my Rueben Heaton scale to 40 lbs. 8 oz., making this a PB mirror for me and the largest carp I have ever caught.  The fish measured 40 inches long and had a gut that looked like it swallowed a beer barrel.  I suspect it was also full of eggs.  It was landed in MA waters so it will not qualify as a RI CAG record.
The fish was taken on my 12 ft. D.A.M. CrossPower 12 ft. carp rod (2.75 test curve) along with a Shimano 4000 baitrunner that was spooled with 20 lb. test Berkley Big Game mono.  It was hooked on a hair rigged #6 Kamassan Carp Maxx hook.  The bait was two kernels of sweet corn along with a kernel of pineapple Pescaviva sweet corn.  It was fished ahead of a method ball.
Prior to catching this huge one I landed a 25 lb. carp about an hour before.  The 25 lber. looked like a baby compared to this monster.


  1. dave, absolute stunner. congratulations!

  2. dave, stunning fish.much congratulations!

  3. Nothing like making it happen to reach your goals. Congratulations Dave, and good luck on getting one in RI for the "record".