Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's All About the PB

PB.  In the world of carp fishing it's called Personal Best. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced carper, you are always looking for the PB, a fish bigger than your previous biggest.  And, it means different thing to different fishermen.  Many newbies are looking for their first twenty pounder, certainly an accomplishment here in RI where there are not that many 20's overall.  Still, many of our experienced guys are looking for a 30 here in RI, a rare catch with very few fishermen having caught a carp that large in RI waters.  And, for those shooting for the moon, that 40 lber. is a rare possibility, though possible in big MA waters.  There are very few NE carp fishermen who can claim membership in that 40 lb. club.
I want to congratulate one of our RI CAG members named Ben who landed a PB of over twenty pounds this past week while fishing in the CT River (see photo). Ben joined our group last year, learned to ropes by working at carp fishing, asking a lot of questions and fishing with many of our experienced guys, and he has been steadily upping his PB. Congrats on a great fish.  Now, hopefully you'll  get that thirty some day!

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