Monday, May 28, 2012

Numbers Way Off in May

January, February, March and April were all record months for me personally as I landed more carp those months than ever before.  However, May, 2012, has been one of the worst Mays (numbers wise) that I have ever experienced. I usually can land close to a hundred fish in May.  But, I will be lucky to get 40 fish this month. On the flip side, I did land a PB 40 lber. this month so I can't really complain.
Blame the crazy weather in May on the lower numbers.  All the patterns go out the window this year because we had a record warm winter and early spring.  I saw a lot of fish spawning in April.   Some, however, spawned in May.  May's weather has also been inconsistent with a lot of rain.  Many of the ponds are extremely high right now with water (and I believe carp) in the woods in many places. It's also been cold and rainy one day, in the eighties the next. 
So, for whatever the reason, this has been a slow May thus far.  Let's hope the numbers improve in June.

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