Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Check Out This New RI Carp Fishing Blog

There is a new blog in town called Dark Carping.  It is a diary type of blog written by Kev Wasliewski, one of the premier carp anglers in RI and  a member of the the RI Carp Anglers Group.  Kevin is a big proponent of nighttime fishing for carp, and his numbers and sizes of fish that he catches proves just how effective nighttime fishing can be for carp here in RI.  I've fished with Kevin quite a bit and I can tell you that he is an innovator and a student of the game, and he has a lot to offer to both beginner and experienced carp anglers.  I seem to learn something new every time I fish with him!  Check out his blog at http://www.carpteamri.blogspot.com/ if you want to get into the mind of the truly obsessed (his words, not mine!).  Good stuff.

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