Monday, October 15, 2012

Sweet Corn Delivers

The drought is over for me.  I had blanked five times in a row before today.  Well, today I went out and landed 4 mirror carp (see pic of one of them at right) in a few hours of fishing this morning.  Whether it was the weather (ideal...warm and cloudy after a cold spell) or whether it was the bait, the carp were in a hitting mood.  I am back to using sweet corn.  The pests that were taking the sweet corn off a month ago are now few and far between.  The turtles appear to be gone and bait stealing pests like bluegills and horned pout seem to have disappeared after these cold nights.  So, sweet corn is now back to being my prime bait.  I was using Pescaviva (pineapple flavor) today that I buy from Wacker Baits.  If you don't have this stuff, I think the Value sweet corn from Stop and Shop is also a very good bet and easy to get (see post,  From now till the time the ice arrives, sweet corn should be one of your best baits to lure late fall carp into hitting.

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  1. I blanked 3 times in a row my son who always see's me trying diffrent baits wanted to try pumpkin seeds after we carved his pumpkin he got two in about an hour in the blackstone canal.