Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Delicate Approach to Winter Carping

Here's a double that was caught
last week using a "delicate"
There are two critical adjustments you will have to make if you want to catch winter carp consistently. You have to be in the right spots, places where winter fish tend to bunch up.  You also need to the right approach.  Without both, don't expect to catch anything.
I'm not about to divulge the winter spots I fish.  Those have taken years, maybe decades to find and most of those spots are "small" off the beaten path spots that can fit one or two guys at most. Most of these spots have running water.  I can tell you that there are carp in every river system in RI.  My suggestion is to get out, prebait deeper river spots that have moving water and try fishing. That's how I found many of my spots.
I can tell you about my approach.  I have been experimenting with rigs this winter and have found the rig pictured below to be about the best I have used in recent rigs.  I first tie my hair onto a #10 hook using nylon thread while the hook in in a fly tying vice.  The rig is then made up with 10 lb. test monofilament line.  Make it long, 12-14 inches.  At one end is the hook, at the other end is a small swivel.  Avoid any excessive hardware.  A small 1/2 oz. steel egg sinker is my weight.  I also sometimes use a small method ball packed around the sinker. On the hair I use two pieces of sweet corn.  This is light and delicate stuff, but at times it is just the ticket to get fish that don't want to feed  to hit.

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