Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Winners in FFF Contest

To my surprise I had two winning fish in the First Fishing Folly  (FFF) sponsored by the Carp Anglers Group.  My first fish, a common landed at 10:30 AM, was a Hall of Fame winner as the 7th fish landed on New Year's Day.  That fish won a $10 prize and a beautiful certificate.  The other fish, my 8 lb. mirror,  won the "Scubadoc Mirror" award for the biggest mirror taken in the northern section of the US. In fact, it was the only mirror taken in the northern section of the country.  That fish won a $25 prize and a certificate.
Let me run through a few facts about the FFF.  The contest, which took place on Jan. 1, had over 60 anglers signed up to fish.  However, only 8 anglers all around the country scored any fish that day.  Those 8 guys landed 33 carp which totaled 315 lbs. in weight.  The country was split in half with fishermen in the northern zone and anglers in the southern zone.  Interestingly, no one in New England landed any fish other than the ones I caught.  I have to say the weather was particularly brutal that day with temperatures around New England mostly in the teens and low twenties.  It was even colder in other areas of the northern zone with our CAG anglers in Canada facing temperatures well below zero.
So, this all goes to show it's not easy to catch a carp on Jan.1, but as the results reveal, it can be done!
My 8 lb. mirror captured first place in the Scubadoc Mirror award category.
It was the only mirror carp landed in the northern zone of the US that day.

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