Thursday, January 8, 2015

More Awards for RI CAG Anglers in FFF Event

We have two more award winning RI CAG anglers in the FFF (First Fishing Folly) that was held on New Year's Day.  Bob White, a new member in our club this year, won a second place award and $15 prize for his story about his fishing adventure in the FFF. The category was the "Jerome Adventure Tales".  Bob was a hardcore competitor who put in a monumental effort as he fished all night into the morning in the FFF. Bob also won a certificate in the FFF Sunrise Photo contest.  Our other winner was Todd Richer.  Todd took third place and a $10 prize in the FFF writing contest. He was another hardcore competitor who, despite a nagging cold, got to the water early and fished most of the day in subfreezing temperatures.
Great showing've made the RI CAG proud!
You can read about these awards on the CAG Forum under FFF 2015

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