Sunday, January 11, 2015

RI CAG Member Wins December "Carp of the Month"

Another RI CAG member has won Big Carp Tackle's Carp of the Month Contest for the month of December.  Todd Richer won the $100 gift certificate for a beautiful mirror carp (see photo below).  This makes 4 winners from our RI CAG for the year. Not bad for our small state of RI! Congrats Todd!
CAG membership certainly has its advantages as many of our members have won prizes and awards that far exceed the cost of their membership.  To join our national group, go to their website at Carp Anglers Group.
When you join the national group, you are automatically enrolled in the state group. The CAG frequently runs tournaments, photo contests, writing contests and fish-ins as well as connects you with a network of the best carp fishermen in the US!
RI CAG member Todd Richer holds Big Carp Tackle's Carp of the Month for December.

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