Saturday, April 25, 2015

Cold Weather Turns it Off

Here are some of the RI CAG members that took part
in today's fish-in. Unfortunately, no fish were caught.
The last few days of fishing have not been good.  That cold front that came through earlier in the week followed by the unusually cool weather and cold nights that followed have shut the fishing right down.
Today we held our annual spring fish-in at a very good location. Fish-ins are simply get- togethers where members of our group fish as  well as exchange ideas.  Nine of us from the CAG  fished a total of 16 rods. We used different baits, fished different locations, but it did not matter.  The result: a big blank. I'm not too surprised because in the last three days I have caught exactly 2 fish and both were caught yesterday.
The surprising thing about today is that we did see a lot of carp swimming around, but they were not interested in hitting. That happens sometimes, particularly following a big cool down in the weather in springtime. Carp in general can be moody fish, and they can turn on as well as turn off.  Today they were turned off.

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