Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hot Stuff

One pink ESP artificial corn along
with two or three kernels of sweet
corn has accounted for numerous
20 lb. carp in the last week.
Here's a 25 lb. mirror on the mat about to be
released.  It fell for the bait at the left.
Prior to this cold front that moved in yesterday, I had been on a big fish roll, knocking off quite a few twenties in a row. My biggest one for the week was a 25 + pound mirror.  I wasn't getting big numbers of fish, but it seemed to be a twenty pound fish just about every day with a sprinkling of teen fish mixed in.  They were all taken with the same bait....a combo bait of artificial corn as well as sweet corn on the hair rig.
This was the same bait combo I wrote about a lot last year, and the same stuff that landed most of my big fish (up to 40 lbs.) last year.  The hot artificial in the past week has been a pink ESP artificial corn.  This plastic corn has buoyancy to it and that tends to lift the bait when a carp nudges it, something they like to do before taking it.  Whether it is the color or the buoyancy, this artificial stuff is hot for fooling the big ones.
Artificial baits must be used on the hair rig since they are too hard to thread onto a hook. Last year the hot colors of artificial corn for me were pink, orange and red.  Artificial corn can be purchased in many of the online tackle stores such as Big Carp Tackle.

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