Thursday, April 2, 2015


Things have taken a turn for the better in the last few days.  A number of the RI CAG members have been out trying, in some cases in water that is partially frozen, but still open enough to fish.  And, they are getting some fish.  The biggest I have heard about is a very respectable 18 lb. common.
I got my first carp of 2015 here in RI.  While I've taken dozens of carp so far in this new year, those all came from MA waters.  This evening I got two mirror carp while fishing sweet corn on the hair rig (see photos on right and left). Sweet corn is your best bet in baits at this time of year. The place I was fishing tonight was still partially covered in ice, but today's warm weather got the fish feeding.  It will only get better in the coming days.

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