Friday, April 15, 2016

Signs of Improvement

Very slowly, things seem to be improving.  For the first time in weeks, I landed three fish today.  And, I've gotten six fish in the last three days.  That is way better than the previous three days. I also saw more activity in the last few days.  I saw sun turtles on logs, bluegills in the shallows, and I even saw a carp jump this evening, the first I've seen jump in weeks.
I believe the really cold nights and lower than normal temperatures of the last two weeks have really put a crimp in the fishing. Carp are really sensitive to the weather and a drop in temperature at this time of year really cools off the fishing. However, with the big warm-up coming this weekend into next week, expect things to really perk up.
Here's a good looking mirror that was landed yesterday. Fishing
has slowly improved in the last three days.

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