Wednesday, April 6, 2016

sNOw Good

My only carp of the last four days
was this 7 lb. mirror that was landed
on a snowy bank. It was also my
only hit.
Not good.  The extreme cold and snow of the last days has just about killed the fishing.  This is the very worst scenario of early spring.  Last week when things were warming up, the fishing was really perking up. But, when the temperatures took a big dip four days ago, it sent water temperatures downward and shut off most of the activity.  Add to that  the chilling effect of the 6 of more inches of snow and it really cooled things down.
In the last four days I got out three times.  I landed a grand total of one carp, a mirror of about 7 lbs. And, I was fishing in some pretty good early season spots. That was also my only hit.  I saw no activity.  There were no fish surfacing, no bubble trails and no fish "mudding". Even the bugs and mosquitoes that were out last week were gone.
So, we are in a spring lull right now.  Don't expect fishing to perk up until we get an extended warm spell of several days, and who knows when that will happen.

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