Wednesday, April 13, 2016

So Far, A Dismal April

Here is a fully scaled mirror that I
landed tonight.  Fishing has been
way off so far in April. 
For me, April has been a big disappointment size wise and numbers wise. Since that freak snowstorm last week and the cold weather that followed, the fishing has been a bust. I was on a negative roll for a while, getting blanked three days in a row. I can't tell you that last time that has happened.
Thus far I have caught a measly 13 carp in the month of April and none are what I would consider "big". I must say, however, some of our RI CAG members have been hitting some good fish in the twenties while fishing "Carp Central". So, some people are putting in a lot of time mostly after dark and they are catching some big ones, but I am guessing there are no numbers.
I am hoping that things will improve with the big warm-up that is coming this weekend and early next week. We'll see...things just have to get better.

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